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The Bright Angle 2


The Bright Angle 2

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

John Bright

Harvest is in full swing at present and 2012 promises to become a great vintage.

Nature has been kind and the incoming fruit looks fabulous. All the care and effort infused into the vineyard throughout the year is now very evident in the quality. Our viticulturist, Andrew can indeed reflect on his crop with pride, in a moment of joy!


Now the responsibility is passed to Marc and his team in the winery to pour in their passion and nurture the transformation into truly exceptional wines. All the harvest activity and the long hours involved in processing are balanced by excitement and hope that this could become a standout vintage at Rochford.


Interestingly the even years have been the best vintages generally since 2006 and I see confirmation again in this the year of the dragon. Natural cycles are a curiosity to me and maybe good vintage years are a leading indicator for the economy. If so I sense with optimism that we are passing through a positive period in 2012 which will also manifest as a good year in the broader economy. That would be reason enough to open a great wine in celebration!

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