Rochford Whisky Shiraz Cask

RRP: $144.00
Intoducing our Rochford Whisky range. Triple Distilled by the masters at Alchemy Distillers in Healesville, using the pristine waters of the Yarra Valley, then aged for 5 years in Shiraz casks.
Tasting Notes:
Colour: A rich amber tone, this shade is a testament to the whisky’s 5-year interaction with the oak.
Nose: Malted barley aromas are enriched by the dominant scents of red berries and red fruits, all underpinned by a gentle oaky backdrop.
Palate: The taste of malted barley entwines with robust characters of red fruits, cloves, and oaky spicy notes with a peppery undertone.
Winemaking Notes: "Distillers Notes:"
Mashbill: Crafted from 100% Australian malted barley, this grain selection ensures a malt-forward profile capturing the unique nuances of the barley.
Fermentation: Special strains of yeast are meticulously chosen for the fermentation.
Distillation: By Alchemy in the Yarra Valley, our whisky undergoes a triple distillation process through a reflux still. This meticulous approach ensures a pure spirit while retaining the unique malt characteristics derived from our 100% barley Mashbill. The third distillation fine-tunes the spirit’s profile, offering clarity and emphasizing the grains flavours.
Maturation: Matured in Australian shiraz wine barrels which celebrates our home, the Yarra Valley. The maturing process extracts flavours of red stone fruit and pepper from the wine barrels.
Dilution: the final stage before bottling is crucial. Utilising the pristine waters of the Yarra Valley, it is this water, known for its purity and freshness, imparts its unique characteristics onto the whisky.
Viticultural Notes:
Alcohol: 40%